Attention Shenani-Fans!! Shenaniganz of Rockwall has a Private Event Wednesday, January 29th! We will be closed from 10 am – 2 pm (1/29/2020)!

NEW - Paint(less) Ball
NEW - Paint(less) Ball 3

No mess, no fuss,
Just epic fun.

attractions / NEW - Paint(less) Ball

Paint(less) Ball is now open at Shenaniganz of Rockwall! What is Paint(less) Ball you might ask? Paint(less) Ball is all the fun of paintball WITHOUT the paint! We use low-impact, paint less, rubber balls so you and your buds can wage epic warfare on our indoor, climate-controlled, all-weather field without the mess. Dive behind barricades, scope out your enemies, and blast your way to victory! We’ve got the guns, gear, and the games for you to have an epic time – without the mess of regular paintball.

Want to plan a party or event with Paint(less) Ball?


20 Minute Session
$10 Per Person
60 Minute Session
$25 Per Person
Made up of three consecutive 20 Minute Sessions