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Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

10 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Are you looking to throw the best birthday party ideas for your child’s birthday party?

At Shenaniganz, we know a thing or two about birthdays, so we’re here to talk about our top 10 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids! Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly birthday party ideas or fun and unique birthday party ideas, we’re here to help you celebrate your birthdays in 2023! Are you looking to host a birthday party in 2023 and need ideas? If so, this list is made just for you, we’d love to hear which one of these ideas is your favorite so let us know!

As DFW’s number one place to have a birthday party place, we know how hard it can be for parents to make their child’s birthday a special day. It can be such a hassle trying to find ideas, decorate, get the perfect cake, AND pick out awesome presents for your kid – any parent can get overwhelmed. At Shenaniganz, we believe that every child deserves a great birthday party that a parent can enjoy too. We can help you avoid the chaos of planning a great birthday party and be the birthday party hero your child deserves. You can book your kid’s birthday party online HERE or give us a call to learn more!

If you are looking for something a little different than Shenaniganz have no fear because we’ve done all the work for you in finding some awesome birthday ideas for kids! We hope some of these ideas help you to create an amazing birthday for your birthday kid that makes them feel extra special.


10 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

1. Movie Night Birthday Party Idea

Make your birthday kid the star of the day by renting out a movie theater just for them! Or go to a drive-in movie and give them a unique birthday experience! If you are looking for a more classic take, nothing beats a blanket fort and movie marathon in the living room where they can pick the movies and enjoy their favorite candy or snacks! We usually use Netflix or Disney+, but there are plenty of ways to get your hands on a good movie these days!

2. All-out Nerf Gun War

This is a fun one! Get your kids and their friends to bring all their Nerf blasters to your house and set up some forts or obstacles to hide behind! After that, the party just happens on its own as the kids go wild having nerf wars between snacks and cake! Pro Parent Tip: swap out the Nerf guns in the summer for water guns for an epic summer birthday party!

3. At-Home Ice Cream Making Party

Making ice cream is easier (and more fun) than you would think! At Rozie’s Grill, we’re fans of the classic vanilla (maybe with a little chocolate or caramel sauce), but when you make your own your child can experiment and be imaginative with their flavors! Fruit Loops ice cream, Kinder Egg ice cream, Reese’s Pieces ice cream, or even Skittles Ice cream – whatever they choose this is a birthday party idea for an imaginative child.

4. Tea Party

It may not be the most modern birthday party idea – but it certainly is a unique one! This easy at-home birthday party idea is perfect for younger girls and boys that like to be social without burning a ton of energy. You can make some fancy (tiny) sandwiches, order some cookies (Crumbl, anyone?), and fill up their tea set with their favorite tea or juice! If you’re not a fan of doing all that yourself, look no further because you can always take them to a local tea room!

5. Superhero Party to celebrate the new Spiderman movie!

Kids (and adults) are pumped for the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so let them dress up as a superhero on their special day! Or, let everyone dress up! It’s a party after all! Haven’t gotten tickets to the movie yet? Get tickets to see Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.3! We also recommend getting your Marvel birthday party decorations here!

6. Board Game Night Birthday Party Idea

Are you looking for birthday party ideas for a competitive child? From Monopoly to Clue, board game night is fun for everyone! Take them away from their screens for a couple of hours and show them how games used to be played! This is a great birthday party idea for lots of kids, plus you can teach them that it’s ok to lose, especially to you!

7. Take Them to the Zoo!

Here is a fun birthday party idea for kids that love animals! Take your birthday kid and their friends to the zoo to see their favorite animals and learn all about them! This is one of our favorite educational birthday party ideas because it teaches kids about something cool while they enjoy all the animals! We recommend supporting Dallas Zoo or Fort Worth Zoo!

8. Backyard Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party Idea

Looking for a unique birthday party idea at home? How about a birthday party idea for adventurous kids? Well, grab your little detective and their friends and set up a scavenger hunt around the house, yard, or neighborhood for them to explore! They can solve riddles, sniff out clues, and do puzzles for an exciting birthday. Get the whole neighborhood involved by asking neighbors to direct your kid to the treasure at the end of the hunt! Need some inspiration? Check out our Escapology Escape Rooms for some epic scavenger hunt ideas.

9. Make Some S’mores

With winter coming in cold, nothing is better than sitting around a hot campfire and making delicious S’mores! This birthday party idea is perfect for outdoorsy kids, you can teach your kid how to build a campfire (safely, of course!). Then, get some marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey’s chocolate for your kid and their friends to make their own delicious s’mores! WARNING: you might be tempted to eat all the leftover S’mores supplies – which doesn’t sound like a problem to us.

10. Picnic Party Birthday Party Idea

Here is another birthday party idea for an outdoorsy kid! In Texas, we love being outdoors when we can – and who could blame us when we have that beautiful big blue Texas sky? So, pack up your birthday kid, their friends, favorite foods, and head on out to their favorite spot! We recommend going to a local park where they can play on a playground or do some fishing after!

And that’s it, our 10 Unique Birthday Ideas for kids! We hope you found something fun and interesting to do for your child’s birthday! At Shenaniganz we’re all about having a fun time, and we hope that reading about these awesome birthday ideas will help you to have an awesome time as well! Be sure to let us know on our socials if you use some of these great ideas and drop us a follow while you’re visiting!