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15 Back to School Tips for Parents

15 Back to School Tips for Parents

Summer is winding down and that means, getting the kids ready; from getting sleep schedules back on track and back to school shopping which entails everything stressful- from the clothes to the supplies, to other stressed parents. Have no fear these 15 Back to School Tips for parents are sure to make you have some peace of mind.

Lower their stress levels

Sleep Schedule

Sleep is hard for practically anyone but, for kids who are either excited or nervous about the new school year or just used to staying up later because of the summertime, it’s a little more difficult. Getting enough sleep is critical in learning development. You can set a consistent bedtime which will help your child settle down and fall asleep faster. Have them turn off electronics and make the home quiet and calm to make the process easier.


Set up a calendar to help with the transition. Put the calendar in the child’s room and have the child mark the calendar with colorful markers counting down the days to the new school year. Keep the calendar, which will help them keep track of important dates such as homework, tests, etc. even after-school activities to lessen your plate a little.


Organization is a big factor in helping decrease stress not only for children but for the parents as well. Organization tip: keep folders designated for each class/ assignment. Clothing tip: have day of the week hangers or cubbies for their clothes to go into so all they have to do is put the clothes they want for school in the slots reducing the need to fumble in the morning trying to find clothes.


Pack a lunch (if they take a lunch) the day before so they can head out the door. Also, make sure the backpack is prepped the night before with everything they need for school the next day; have a grab-and-go method.

Gain a Connection


Transitioning to a new school year can be difficult however, transitioning to an entirely new school is even harder but, having some friends can make it easier. Try contacting some of the other parents to see if one of your child’s friends is going to be at their new school or class. You can even have a friend playdate for them as a last hoorah before school starts. Shenaniganz is a great place for a last summer bash with friends: Laser Tag, Arcade, Bowling, Axe Throwing, and more!


Since the school year is coming up and it’s going to be more hectic, the amount of family time tends to dwindle so you want to have some time for family fun. Well, how about we offer some family fun with a chance to enrich everyone’s minds. Check out Escapology Escape Rooms which offers a unique, exciting, and challenging experience bringing joyous memories in the process.

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Get Acclimated


One of the popular questions of kids starting school, is “Will I like my teacher(s)?” which is fair because the school year wouldn’t be enjoyable if you don’t. One thing you could do to ease your child’s mind about this is to go to your school’s open house or schedule a meeting. Meet the teacher before the school year starts so you know who your child’s teacher is and so your child feels more comfortable on the first day.

Homework/ Study Habits

This is the challenging part of the school year, getting your child to do their homework and study. Parents, here are some study tips that help them and reduce your chances of saying, “Did you do your homework?” or “Are you studying?”. First, reduce all distractions; all electronic devices not being used to assist with the homework need to be turned off until they’re complete. Second, have a place that is designated for their studying. Lastly, don’t be afraid to help them with their homework when they get stuck on a problem.


Shopping can easily break the bank especially when it’s back to school because kids like the latest things, and who doesn’t. Here’s a way you can save money and even make your child’s notebook and backpack look brand new. Instead of buying a new notebook every year, reuse the one from before. Only buy new notebooks when it’s necessary; same with binders and backpacks, basically any school supplies. To make the  notebook or backpack to look brand new, here’s what you can do. For the notebook, add some cool drawings or stickers to jazz it up a bit and make it their own. For the backpack, you can paint or draw on it and even include some patches if you’d like.

Bargains! Look for deals and try to bargain the price on a few items. Also, wait until after school starts because sometimes supplies are discounted. Additionally, try to get the larger items or buy in bulk so they last longer.

Healthy Habits

Healthy Eating

Children need to have a well-balanced diet not only to grow up big and strong but to also help their growing minds as well. Having a healthy diet is essential for the brain and the learning process. If your child has a healthy diet, they can do better in school not only by making it easier to retain the information but by focusing as well.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and children need breakfast every day. Not because of the saying, because it helps nourish the body and mind, and also keeps them focused until lunchtime so they’re not worried about their stomachs grumbling. Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast every day before school and if there’s no time to make it the day of, make it the night before, and make sure to include a meal for yourself too.

Water bottle

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water is important for the body and doctors say you need to drink at least four to six cups a day. Not only does it keep the body moving but promotes healthy brain function as well. Have your child take a reusable water bottle to school with them so they have water to drink throughout the day and also comes in handy after recess. Here are some links to some.

Customizable Water Bottles

Discount Mugs

Best Water Bottles 2022

Brain Training


Reading is a relaxing form of entertainment that can make a kid travel anywhere in the world or run with the dinosaurs while never having to leave the house. It’s also a great way for kids to enhance their language skills and help their brain even learn a thing or two. Click here for a list of books to get your children started.

Educational Games

Learning doesn’t have to be boring or only in school. Having your children play educational games not only makes them more excited about learning and makes it fun but, it helps expand their minds and increase their grades in school. It’s a fun activity you and your child can do together. Learning is better with other people.

Set Them Up For Success

Set Goals

Children need guidance, but having goals is another step in helping them succeed in school and life. Help your child set goals. Start small by having them write down what they want to learn this school year, what grade they want, do they want new friends or to stay with their old friends or both, or what they want to accomplish this year. Setting goals helps them stay on track and if they stray guide them back on. Parents, you set goals as well.