A New Years Eve Party to Remember, Featuring UNLIMITED FUN ALL DAY!

It’s the best time of the year…

Because it’s finally over, right? Nothing better than starting a whole new year, with tons of opportunities and New Years’ resolutions! Well, there is maybe one thing better than the new year, and that’s the huge party you get to have to usher it in! And in this case, that super awesome party is being hosted by us here at Shenaniganz! Or, if you’re in Greenville, the party is being hosted by… also Shenaniganz but located in Greenville! Anyway, without any more weird jokes, let’s get into the details of how we’re hosting our super fun and super safe New Years Party!

So, you like going out on New Years,

you hang out with your friends, you have a few drinks (those of us above age, of course!) and you bring in the new year with cheers and smiles. That’s exactly what we’re planning to do for our huge New Years Party! Not only are we having the coolest party of the year, but we’re also giving you EVERYTHING in the building for one low price ALL DAY! That’s right! Normally with our unlimited passes, you get around 4 hours of unlimited fun, including just about all of our attractions, but with our New Years’ Eve special you’re getting the same deal for the WHOLE DAY! This means if you want to come in at open and stay until next year, that works for us! We’ll be puttin’ out fun stuff to do the whole time!

Let’s pretend you’re new around here and don’t know what all we have to offer. We’re here to tell you what’s included in your all-day fun pass! For starters, you at least know that we have some sweet bowling lanes! 16 to be exact unless you include our private Z-Lounge! Everyone loves bowling, so of course, that’s the first thing we included. Now, logically, we can’t really be a fun family establishment without Lazer Tag, so we’re throwing that into our New Years’ Passes as well, which means put on your vests and watch those corners because Grandma won the last 3 games of unlimited Lazer Tag!

So we talked about Bowling and Lazer Tag,

but we know a lot of you come for something else: the Arcade, Flip N’ Spin Cars, and the Kid Zone! Parents pay close attention to this paragraph! With our New Years Party we’re making it fun not only for teens and adults, but kids as well! Our Unlimited passes give your kids unlimited access to our multi-leveled Kid Zone, which is a fun way for them to burn off some energy and work up a big enough appetite for dinner at Rozie’s! We know kids also love the Flip N’ Spin Cars, so those are part of the deal as well! For anyone unaware, they’re like bumper cars except sometimes you flip backward instead of just bumping around! And now we have the final cherry on top: the Arcade! These unlimited passes aren’t complete without some arcade time, and this one is no different. Well, it’s a little different, because we’re giving you UNLIMITED video game play all day! That means you’ll have all day to spend in the entire building! If you couldn’t tell, we’re super excited for New Years’, and hopefully you’re excited to join us now too!