America Recycles Day with Shenaniganz!

Attention all people still living on planet Earth!

We know that’s most of you out there, so we hope that got your attention. Why are we reaching out to such a broad audience for this blog? Well, it’s because we’re coming up on America Recycles Day on November 15th: a day to raise awareness for all Americans to contribute towards the greater good by recycling! How does this pertain to Shenaniganz? We’re glad you asked! America Recycles Day is important to us because every day is a recycling day for Shenaniganz!

We know, we’re officially the best place ever because we also recycle on top of being your go-to weekend hang out, but let’s talk a little bit more about how cool we think recycling is. For those of you who don’t know, recycling has 3 parts to it that we follow! We reduce, reuse, and recycle! Each of those points from the recycling triangle is crucial to helping maintain our planet, so let’s break down how Shenaniganz does each of them!

Reduce: We try to reduce our amount of non-recyclable waste as much as we possibly can. We do this in several ways, such as not providing straws for drinks unless requested, or placing air dryers in the bathrooms for your hands! It’s a great way to reduce waste from paper towels, and it gets you back to the bowling lanes quickly!

Reuse: This is a big one for us! A lot of what we use here at Shenaniganz is reusable. Have you ever ordered a side of ranch from Rozie’s? If you have, you probably noticed it comes out in a reusable, washable cup! In fact, we make an extra effort to have washable, reusable dishes for everything that we can, even if you’re across the building throwing some Axes! Just because you’re not sitting down at our restaurant or our Sport’s Bar doesn’t mean you don’t get the best in reusable materials! If you really think about it, all the Escape Rooms are reused as well… But your experience is always unique!

Recycle: This is the point that everyone can easily do! We make a big effort to recycle as much as we can in our building. From posters to axe-throwing targets, everything finds a way to become something else! We recycle every piece of paper that we possibly can, and we do it with a smile! Maybe you’ve seen how much cardboard comes out of running a full-service kitchen? If you haven’t just know that it’s a LOT. Every bit of it goes into our recycling dumpster where it’s carted to a recycling plant at least once a week! That means any time we unbox some new bowling pins, or add a new machine to the Arcade, or unwrap a new Cornhole board, we’re taking everything we can and sending it to be made into something else!


Now let’s recap: When you come to Shenaniganz, you’re getting an awesome, unique experience. However, your unique experience is made with recycled materials, and whether you’re coming to enjoy a nice meal in The Backyard or leaving your kids to run the Kid Zone, just know that you’re enjoying it in a building that does as much as they can for the environment!