Axe Throwing Leagues!

Are you ready to kick some axe?

We thought so, you absolute bad-axe, you! So. why not join us Wednesday, 9/8 at 6 PM as we start off our Axe Throwing League! Join in for an 8-week league that will put you up against your peers every Wednesday night!

Our first league meeting will be Sunday, September 12th from noon to 4 PM, after that, our weekly Wednesday league meetings will start up on Wednesday, September 22nd!


To give a little more info, Tomahawks Axe Throwing, located in The Backyard at Shenaniganz Rockwall, is a WATL sanctioned venue that holds an axe-throwing league every year! The league goes for 8 weeks and has a lot of perks to go alongside your membership! For starters, you’ll receive a League Shirt, a Membership Card, and a brand-new Axe with purchase of membership! Also bundled in are discounted axe throwing sessions at any time, along with discounted Hemisphere beer at Tomahawks! In this league you’ll be competing against other members every Wednesday night to see who the most accurate thrower is, going head-to-head tournament style!


Membership for New Members is $150 and if you’re a returning member you pay a discounted price of $125! We do this league every year, so your $150 this year will be $125 next year!



Finding things to do as an adult can be frustrating. It’s difficult to find clubs and groups where you can make new friends as an adult, that’s why Shenaniganz leagues are the ultimate place for you to meet new friends. So, if you’re looking for a fun new way to meet people, get out of the house, or get more active – we have got you covered! We’ve got tons of leagues like bowling leagues, cornhole leagues, and axe throwing leagues!

Speaking of getting in shape, did you know that axe throwing is also an incredible way to get a fun workout in? When you throw an axe, you’re also working out the upper body, your core, hamstrings, quads and even those glutes! Since axe throwing mimics an exercise move known as the woodchopper, for every 30 minutes of throwing axes, you can burn about 116 calories! So, if you’re looking for a fun new way to get in shape in the DFW area, look no further than Shenaniganz!

While you’re waiting to get in and throw some axes right at 6 PM, why not check out the rest of what Shenaniganz has to offer? After all, you’ll be standing in The Backyard which has a sweet Taco Truck right next to the Corn Hole area! And if distracting the kids needs to be done while you’re playing, send them over to the Kid Zone just across the way! Even cooler, if you’re visiting on a Saturday there’s a chance we’ll have a concert or show happening on our stage right next to Tomahawks! Our goal here is to make sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy, and hopefully you’ll find something that’s not just axe throwing!