Black Friday at Shenaniganz! Save up to 80%!

Looking for some ways to pay a little and get a lot?

Black Friday with Shenaniganz is the way to go then! We know exactly what you need this holiday season, and we’re all about the Black Friday tradition! Well, mostly. Our Black Friday deals are all online, so you don’t need to break out your boxing gloves and mean words to get an awesome deal! With the recent launch of our new online store, we’re planning to deliver you huge savings at a great price, which means less time working and more time playing!

Now you’re probably wondering,

what kind of Black Friday deals can I get at Shenaniganz? Well, we’re glad you asked! We know how important a good deal can be for all your Black Friday and Cyber Monday needs, so we’ve created a selection of fantastic deals that benefit everyone, from teens buying arcade cards to whole families trying to spend the holidays bowling! So without any further introduction, here’s our list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for this year!

Let’s start off with our $25 deal! For your $25, we have: a $25 gift card AND a $10 arcade card! That means you get almost 50% more for your money, and that’s what Black Friday is all about! There’s no limit on this deal either, so if you’re looking for some early stocking stuffers for the kids this is the deal for you!

Alright, time to up the ante a little!

We know you like a good deal, but what about a great deal? Black Friday special number 2 is… a $99 Summer Pass for the Summer of 2022! Do you and your kids love coming to visit us every summer? Well, you can save a ton of money if you’re planning to join us during the summer of 2022. Don’t wait too long, you’re saving lots of money per pass that you buy now!

Now that last one was a great deal, but if you’re REALLY looking to make someone’s Christmas, you can send their whole family to a night of bowling with our $100 deal! For $100 you’ll receive not only a $100 gift card, but a $50 arcade card as well! That means you’ll get a few bowling lanes AND tons of time in the arcade with the whole family! This is still only our second-best deal though!

Alright, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

Our absolute best deal is… $19.99 UNLIMITED FUN PASSES! That’s right, that’s up to 80% in savings! For just $19.99 you get a 4 hour unlimited fun pass giving you access to just about everything we have to offer! Included in that, you also get 50% off axe throwing and escape rooms! Honestly, that’s where the real discounts come in. $20 is a low price, and we’re letting you in on the ground floor!

Black Friday is a crazy time of the year, but we’re trying to help you out here! You don’t have to push through lines, you don’t have to attack anyone for a good deal, and you can order all this in your pajamas! That alone should be enough to convince you, but we threw in the great deals just to be sure!