Breakfast with Santa is Here!

Have you ever wondered about Santa’s diet?

Is it just milk and cookies? Has he EVER eaten a vegetable before? Well, we have some answers for you! And by answers we mean you can watch him yourself at our annual Breakfast with Santa event happening on December 24th! We put on this event every year (only in Rockwall though, Santa can only be in one place at a time!) to celebrate the holidays, and it’s always a funtastic time!

So what happens at Breakfast with Santa?

It’s pretty self-explanatory. You show up to Shenaniganz in Rockwall at 9 AM to hang out with The Big Man himself, then you take off into the building and have an awesome time, or become Santa’s Little Helper in our Magic and Comedy show! Now that sounds simple, but it’s going to be a lot of work! You’re going to have to tackle an entire plate of breakfast while you’re hanging out with friends, family, and Santa! But, if you can manage to finish off your entire breakfast plate, we’ve got a whole building waiting for you afterward!

What happens after breakfast?

A pretty funtastic afternoon, that’s what happens. Depending on what ticket you get, you’re going to leave breakfast with a full belly and tons of options! We’re going to recommend everything, but definitely be careful taking on the Flip N’ Spin Cars with such a full tummy! Anyway, we’re going to have everything open for the whole family, so you’ll be able to pick your favorite Shenaniganz attractions to enjoy after your meal! Our personal favorite is a nice game of bowling, but we won’t argue if you want to go for some Lazer Tag or Axe Throwing (assuming you’re over 14, of course!).

We also have a holiday gift to give: Each ticket for Breakfast with Santa includes $5 off your ticket to Santa’s Little Helper Magic & Comedy Show at 1 PM! Follow up a wonderful meal with Mr. Claus with gut-busting laughter and winter-wonderful tricks!

That all sounds fun, but what if I want to do it all?

We’ve got the perfect ticket for you and the family then! We’ll bundle up your breakfast with an UNLIMITED Fun pass! That’s right, unlimited fun after you have a nice meal with the man in red! This amazing deal means you’ll get that great breakfast, Unlimited bowling, Lazer Tag, Arcade Credits, and all kinds of other fun! We know how much everyone loves a good deal, so we can’t talk enough about this crazy good pass! Just don’t wait too long, otherwise, you’ll miss your chance!

I’m very particular about my food tastes, what kind of breakfast are we having?

We’re happy to hear you’ve got a big appetite because breakfast is going to be a lot of stuff! Santa’s got a big appetite as well, so we’ve got to make sure we have food to satisfy at least that! With that in mind, we’ve got it all, from bacon and eggs all the way to pancakes! Now, if you’re allergic or don’t like some of the breakfast, don’t feel bad! We’ll make sure you get some food to take care of that hungry tummy! Santa doesn’t want anyone to be left out on this special day!

So what are you waiting for? Get online and order your Breakfast with Santa Tickets now! Santa only hangs out once a year!