Closed For Now…But Training To Come Back!

Closed For Now…But Training To Come Back!

Like you, our families can’t wait to bust out of the “stay-at-home” social distancing phase that we’ve all been doing together.   One of Shenaniganz’ Core Values is “Do Good For Others”, and that drives home making the health & safety of our Shenani-Family (meaning both our team members and you) a priority.  We have spent the past weeks & weeks monitoring the best practices and recommendations from the government, the scientific community, and industry.  All that being said…it appears there is light at the end of the tunnel!


We’re not ready to announce a re-open date yet, but it could be as soon as early June.  We’ll make announcements via email & social media (click here to follow us via email, Facebook & Instagram).  While we’ll still make sure you Have Fun With Your Food, as you can imagine things will work differently than when you last visited.  Our team will be doing new & different things to protect everyone’s health, and we’ll ask you to do some new and different things as well.  We’re still working on those exact details, so we encourage you to check our website before every visit to see the most up to date info on how we’ll be serving you, your friends & your family.


We can’t wait to see you again.




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