Comedy Magic Shows at Shenaniganz

Comedy Magic Show and it’s all Family Friendly!

Magical comedian Mike Williams is coming back to Shenaniganz LIVE and the show is better than ever! For anyone unaware, Mike Williams frequents the DFW area, but more specifically, he frequents Shenaniganz with his comedy-magic show! Magic Mike (as he goes by) loves to tell funny jokes while mesmerizing the audience with lots of magic tricks and illusions, making you think maybe he’s Doctor Strange…just kidding but you’ll still wonder how he’s doing this!

You’ve never been to Shenaniganz LIVE…

Or maybe you have but, let’s pretend you haven’t. For anyone wondering, Shenaniganz LIVE is our live stage area where we host all kinds of cool events, such as concerts, comedy shows, and in this case, comedy-magic shows! LIVE is located in The Backyard area of our Rockwall location, in case you don’t see it, LIVE is positioned right between Axe Throwing and our Flip N’ Spin Cars, 2 of our most popular attractions! But, we’re hoping LIVE will be another one of our popular attractions!

Comedy Magic Show Experience

What does this mystical event entail? We’ll give you a glimpse from his website at some of the magic he can do. This man not only has the stylings and charisma of David Blaine but has a secret weapon that boosts him up a notch-his way of tickling your funny bone. Seeing his show will not only be entertainment for the children but for you too jumping back into your child-like ways laughing and wanting to volunteer for a trick the first chance you get, we don’t blame you.

When is the Comedy Magic Show Happening?

The moment you’ve been waiting for… here are the dates for the next hilariously-magical event.

  • Saturday, October 14th @ 3pm
  • Saturday, November 18th @ 3pm

Magic is in the air, so pick a date, mark your calendars, and get your tickets; make this a family night event!

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The Fun Continues

We have much more to offer, so listen up! Why just have a great time at the show when you can do TONS of stuff before and after! Kids love Laser Tag? Got it covered. Mom and Dad want to pregame? We got you at Rozie’s Sports Bar. The best thing we recommend is VERY fun and brings the family together or apart depending on what goes down, and that’s our Escape Rooms! After you’re done running around to your heart’s content with all our attractions, you’ll still make it in time for the 3pm show.

All of this sounds pretty intriguing, so we look forward to seeing you. We’re happy to have Mike Williams back on our stage and laughter in the audience and if you laugh a little too hard that’s okay we have mops.

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