Family Comedy Magic Show with Mike Williams on 10/9!

Meet Mike Williams, the funny magical man performing at Shenaniganz!

Family Comedy Magic Show with Mike Williams on 10/9!

Are you looking for a weekend show to bring the whole family to? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got just the show for you! At 3 PM on October 9th, Mike Williams will be performing his amazing comedy magic act for kids and parents of all ages!




Mike Williams is a magical funny man with more than 20 years of performing experience! Mike is a two-time “Magician of the Year” Award winner, and he has performed for audiences all around the world; from Hollywood to India and hundreds of places in between, Mike has been everywhere! A typical performance for Mike Williams blends state-of-the-art original magic, clean quirky comedy, and hilarious audience interaction together for a memorable and one-of-a-kind experience. Much of Mike Williams’ performance relies on subverting the audience’s expectations while making subtle and enjoyable jokes that all ages can understand. His act will run for about 1 hour and in that time much of the audience can expect to laugh along and participate in card tricks, mind tricks, and other fun magical adventures! Expect some silly one-liners, cheesy jokes, and very good magic to compliment it all into a memorable performance!


If you’re looking for more fun than just the magic show, we’ve got quite the building for you! Show up early and check out our sprawling, newly remodeled building! We took a whole week off in September to get ready, and now we’re back to being the place to be! With the magic show starting at 3 PM that gives you five hours to check out everything else we have to offer before you go see Mike Williams’ show! Now if we can just pull this list out of our magic bowling bag… it looks like you have a bunch of attractions to choose from! In your five hours of free time, you can get in at least one Escape Room with the family followed by a full Axe Throwing session! Now if that seems like a lot (and it is!), you still have 3 hours left to run around! So let’s factor in an hour of bowling with the whole group, a nice seated dinner at Rozie’s Café for another hour, and of course an hour to play every game in the arcade at least once! After ALL THAT fun stuff, you still have a magical comedy show to watch! Is there anywhere else you can do that much stuff and then sit down with your family at a magic show? Please let us know if you find somewhere like that! No really, let us know. We’ll have to start some social media drama with them as soon as possible. ANYWAY, with everything we’ve talked about, you’d still have to hang out after the show or come back another day since there’s STILL more stuff to do with us! We won’t spoil the extra surprises we have in stock here, so make sure to follow us on our socials to get more info!