Homeschool Credits with Shenaniganz!

Looking to get that homeschool P E credit out of the way? Or maybe teach your kiddo the physics of bowling a strike?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then we’ve got a great place for you to stop by! At Shenaniganz you can help supplement your child’s physical education in multiple ways, enriching their experience while also helping you get their school credits in order! To help convince you…

Here are our top 3 reasons why YOU should bring your home-schooled student to Shenaniganz:

1. They can knock out their P E credit!

2. They can meet new people and make new friends!

3. They can learn all kinds of subjects in a practical environment!


Now some of those may seem like a stretch, but hear us out. We looked up how to earn a homeschool P E credit online, and it states that the student must complete activities that “develop motor skills such as climbing, running, catching, throwing, and jumping”. We have all of that here at Shenaniganz! In our Kid Zone kids can climb, run, and jump their way through a multi-story, safe obstacle course with other kids their age! Or maybe throwing is more your style? We have Axe Throwing to cover that part. With kids 14 and older you can help them get their workout by throwing axes for an hour or more! Now the last part is catching… I guess we don’t really have that? Don’t tell anyone, we’ll just keep that our little secret. But we fit the criteria for a P E credit!

Now we already mentioned this one a little bit, but Shenaniganz is a great place to meet new people. You obviously have a common interest if you meet at the bowling lanes, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation! Social interaction is incredibly important for a homeschooled child since they aren’t typically going to a classroom setting with other kids their age, so we can help make up for that! All of our attractions allow you to meet new people while enjoying a safe, clean environment to mingle in!

And finally, on to the last important part for both the parents and the kids: you can learn all kinds of subjects in a practical, hands-on setting! We mentioned Axe Throwing already, but it’s a great place to learn the physics of throwing a heavy object at a wall. Notice how the axe makes a loud noise when it hits the wall? Look up the Law of Conservation of Mass and get back to us with a 2-page paper by Monday! See how the bowling pins explode out of their positions the harder you throw the ball? Let’s talk about Kinetic Energy and how that works! Or maybe you’ll play some Cornhole in The Backyard? Then we can talk about the physics of Arcs and Gravity… but we only got a C in that subject, so we may need a little tutoring!

As you can see, Shenaniganz offers a LOT of different opportunities for homeschooled students! We love to help host your kids in a healthy environment to aid their education and enrichment, all we need is for everyone to stop by!