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Jobs for Teens in the DFW Area

Jobs for Teens in the DFW Area

Tired of Googling “Jobs for Teens near me”? We get it, between school, and extracurriculars it can be hard for your teen to land a full-time or part-time job. Even if they do get their hands on an understanding gig, the chances are they’ll probably hate it. So, if you or your teen is looking for a fun job that pays well look no further. We’ve searched high and low for fun jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that are hiring teens now! Better yet, most of these fun places to work hire seasonally, which means you can come back during school breaks for a summer job or spring break job.

Jobs for Teens at Shenaniganz

Jobs for Teens in the DFW Area

Our manager enjoying a fun shift with our bowling counter attendant.

At Shenaniganz, where food and fun come together so does work and fun. “The work culture at Shenaniganz is really amazing, co-workers become friends and those friends become a Shenani-Family” one employee said (it’s us, we’re the employee – but it doesn’t make it any less true!) Between all the busy shifts real friendships are made that trickle over after you’ve clocked out. Aside from the social benefits that Shenaniganz has to offer, the actual perks of working here are pretty amazing. You get to come to Shenaniganz for FREE. Yes, we said FREE. That means FREE Laser Tag and FREE Bowling. Yes, it means FREE Axe Throwing, FREE Arcade Play, FREE Virtual Reality, and more. Plus, you even get discounts on Shenaniganz Food and Shenaniganz Parties.

Aside from your standard perks like free fun and discounts, Shenaniganz takes a lot of pride in its employees. There’s a reason that one of the most mentioned topics on reviews is our friendly staff. Shenaniganz takes the time to groom management from within, take employees on annual outings. Yes, we shut down the entire facility so our employees can hang out for a good time. We even implemented a COVID task team to make sure team members got all the help and info they needed when we had to shut down two years ago. Simply put, when you work at Shenaniganz you’re part of the family.

How to Apply for a Job at Shenaniganz

Shenaniganz has plenty of jobs for teens, from birthday party hosts to bowling counter attendants! The application process is really simple too. To start, just submit your application online. You can apply for as many positions as you’d like and we will help find the best fit for you. After we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll call you in for an interview. If you get the job we will get you scheduled for training to become a Shenaniganz All-Star in no time!


Click here to apply for our Rockwall location

Click here to apply for our Greenville location


Escapology Escape Rooms Jobs

time to shine now hiring a bright future awaits with escapology

Is your teen is looking for a job that is a little more exciting than your average job sacking groceries? If so, there’s no better place to escape the bored-inary than at Escapology Escape Rooms! Escapology employees have so many great things to say about working there that we couldn’t fit it all in this blog. To sum it up one employee told us that

“I love working at Escapology because it makes me think, I’m surrounded by smart people and I get to help others realize their full potential. There’s nothing more exciting than when I’ve been working with a team to help them escape. They’re so happy and you can tell they feel good about themselves. It makes me feel good knowing that I helped them feel that way”.

While it’s true that most jobs for teens are going to be a bore sometimes, at Escapology you get to make some real meaningful connections with your fellow Escapologists. Plus, you get to help guide guests to solve complex puzzles and riddles. We think one of the best parts of this job for teens is the extremely cool venue you get to work in. Each Escapology Escape Room Venue is different, but they all have the same cool steampunk take on their decor and design.

How to Apply for a Job at Escapology Escape Rooms

If you think you’re ready to take on the challenge of this cool job for teens all you have to do is apply! Applying to work at Escapology is easy. Simply click on one of the locations below and submit a “contact us form”. In the “enquiry type” drop-down, select “careers”. Type up a message with why you think you’d be a great fit and click “send”!


Click here to apply for Escapology Rockwall

Apply online for Escapology Victory Park

Click here to apply for Escapology McKinney

Apply online for Escapology Tyler


Five Fun Jobs for Teens

If you’re looking for more ideas on what type of jobs teens can do. We’ve compiled a list of our thoughts if Shenaniganz and Escapology don’t sound fun enough!

  1. 1. Landscaping is one of those jobs that are perfect for a teen to do in the summer, especially if they like working hard in the sun. Some lawn care companies might hire teens to mow lawns, we recommend reaching out to your local lawncare companies.
  2. 2. Smoothie or ice cream shops are another great job for teens in the summer. They get to keep cool while making sweet treats for people to enjoy. While the lines might get hectic in the summer time, we think free or discounted smoothies are a fair trade for the madness.
  3. 3. Lifeguarding is one of those quintessential teen summer jobs. They get to learn some great skills like CPR and get a great lesson in responsibility to help keep others safe.
  4. 4. Fast Food work may not always be glamorous for a teen job, but discounted food is always a perk.
  5. 5. Working retail is another one of those teen jobs that just feels like a rite of passage. We think a perk of this job is really for the parents, your teen will get tons of practice folding clothes, making laundry day in your household less of a chore.