Mike Williams is Back at Shenaniganz LIVE!

Magic, Comedy, and it’s all Family Friendly!

That’s right, we’re talking about magical comedian Mike Williams! He’s back and funnier (crazier, too) than ever before! For anyone unaware, Mike Williams is both a comedian and a magician that frequents the DFW area, but more specifically, he frequents Shenaniganz! Magic Mike (as he goes by) loves to tell funny jokes while mesmerizing the audience with lots of magic tricks and illusions, making you really have to think about how he’s doing his tricks!

So you’ve never been to Shenaniganz LIVE…

Or maybe you have. But let’s pretend you haven’t for the sake of this blog. For anyone wondering, Shenaniganz LIVE is our live stage area where we host all kinds of cool events, such as concerts, comedy shows, and in this case, magic shows! LIVE is located in The Backyard area of our Rockwall location, but you can probably guess that from the huge neon sign sitting above the entrance! In case you don’t see it, LIVE is positioned right between Axe Throwing and our Flip N’ Spin Cars, 2 of our most popular attractions! But, we’re hoping this year we make LIVE one of our next big attractions as well!

You’re probably wondering…

“What’s the typical Shenaniganz LIVE experience like?”. Well, it’s pretty awesome! Our typical LIVE experience gives you an awesome dinner and something fun to do over the weekend with your friends! In this case, you can also bring the family, as Mike Williams’ show is amazing for all ages! When you show up to your first LIVE show we’ll take your tickets and get everyone seated in our stage area. Depending on the show, we keep the lights really low and have candles lit to give the area some great ambiance. In this case, however, we’re ditching the low light levels to make sure everyone can see Magic Mike in action! But, we left out the best part! Not only do you get to see Mike Williams’ amazing, magical comedy show, but you also get some seriously gourmet food! Our in-house restaurant, Rozie’s, is packed full of amazing food that’s sure to please anyone! So even if you’re a picky eater, or even if you’ll eat anything, Rozie’s is sure to please your hungry belly!

Now, all this sounds great…

but we’ve got a better deal for you, so listen up! Sure, you can show up to our LIVE show and have a great time. But why just do that when you can show up a little early and do TONS of other stuff. Kids love Lazer Tag? We’ve got you covered. Mom and Dad want to pregame the magic show? We’ve got a sports bar for that. The best thing we can recommend is VERY fun, and that’s our Escape Rooms! Book an Escape Room through our website, and you’ll be ready exactly before the LIVE show at 3 PM! We know how hard keeping a schedule is, so we’re keeping it for you!

All of the sounds pretty enticing, so you better be there! We’re very excited to have Mike Williams on our stage, and we know you’ll have a great time coming to the show!