New Games at Escapology Escape Rooms Rockwall

Escape rooms are a thrilling, edge of your seat, time-sensitive maze of puzzles that you and your friends must work through to escape the room. Each escape game is uniquely themed in which your team must solve theme-specific puzzles, find the clues, and navigate through the mysteries of the story. Rooms can range from easy to challenging. At Escapology Escape Rooms in Rockwall, we have a total of 6 mind-boggling and challenging escape room puzzles. For first-time escape room players, we always recommend our easiest room, Antidote which is a 6.5/10 difficultly level. The goal for this room is to find the antidote and save the world. BUT…for our more advanced DFW escape room players, we have added two new thrilling escape room games!


We are so passionate about creating the best escape room games and strive to create immersive, exciting, and unforgettable rooms for our players. Our goal is to be innovative and improve the user experience and we think we have done just that with our newest escape rooms Lost City and Mansion Murder.



LOST CITY 7.5/10 difficultly – Can you Find the TREASURE?


As your team enters into the world of the amazing and famous treasure hunter Archibald Tucker you step back in time to the 1930s. You must uncover the secrets that lie behind the disappearance of the great explorer and his journey to uncover and find the hidden treasure. With a difficulty level of 7.5, LOST CITY is considered a medium challenge room and not for the faint of heart. Don’t let this escape room trick you, it is fun but still a challenge.


Your team of treasure hunters sets out to finish Archibald Tucker’s final quest. You are armed with the latest technology and the essentials for your mission. Once you stepped inside the lost city you have 60 minutes to comb through 3 rooms filled with encrypted puzzles, riddles and find the clues to escape with the treasure. Like all of our escape rooms, you will need to use logic and hone your skills to complete this challenge so you can say… “I escaped LOST CITY”!


Lost City is a great addition to our family of Escapology Escape Room challenges and if you have not yet escaped it, you should most definitely put it on your list of rooms to books!



Mansion Murder 9/10 difficulty – Failure means A LIFE BEHIND BARS!


While attending and celebrating at a family gathering for the new millennium your grandfather the 9th earl of Kildermorie is suddenly…daunt…daunt…daunt…MURDERED. You realize after being rushed into the drawing-room that you are his only direct heir and all fingers point to you. With a difficulty level of 9, the Mansion Murder Escape Room at Escapology in Rockwall is at an all-time high difficulty level. One of the hardest we have in our collection and in the DFW area of Escape Rooms. It is going to take you some serious skills to decrypt the puzzles and clues that lay ahead of you. Let’s set the scene… the police have been called, and you’re now questioning who would want to murder your grandfather and frame you? Knowing you must prove your innocence, you now must find the clues and secrets of the family that your grandfather has hidden throughout the family residence, should anything unexpected have happened to him!


You have 3 rooms to comb through and have 60 minutes till the police arrive. Can you navigate through the challenging puzzles and clues to prove your innocents and uncover your family’s hidden secrets?




Escapology Rockwall out is a great option for a fun night out with family and friends. So many of us avert our day-to-day interacting by sit at our computers or staring at our phones. When was the last time you did a family activity that had you all working as a team? Escapology is a great family-friendly option that allows you to get off the sofa and out interacting and working together for a common goal. What family wouldn’t benefit from a fun night out? If you have not tried an Escape room yet, I would highly recommend you book one at our Escapology in Rockwall Texas. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!




Escape rooms can be challenging but should always be fun! While one or two can be immersed into a room and complete it with no problem. We always encourage our players to come with friends and/or family to help them along on their adventure. The more the players the funnier it can be so do not forget to invite the smartest of your friends and family because you’re going to need all the help you can get in Mansion Murder 9/10 difficultly one of DFW most challenging Escape Rooms.