Our Amazing New Remodel!

Everyone needs a spa day once in a while, why not us too?


Sometimes it’s out with the old and in with the new, and for us that means a full remodel of most of the building! We liked the old look, but we LOVE the new look, and for those of you not following the progress pictures on our Instagram, we’re going to go into full detail about our new upgrades!

Do you remember the first time you walked into Shenaniganz? The arcade to your left, Rozie’s to your right, and the bowling lanes straight ahead? Well keep that picture in your head, but make it twice as pretty! Our first major remodel section starts with Rozie’s, our in-house restaurant. We’ve taken apart almost the entire seating area and replaced it with brand new booths, seats, tables, and more! We know you’ll love to see it, and if you want a sneak peek before you stop by with the family be sure to check out the progress pictures we’ve been putting on Instagram!

Now if food isn’t your thing (somehow…?) then let us direct you over to the arcade! We’ve added several new games to the arcade, including a cool new VR experience in the form of “King Kong of Skull Island” which you can see in this neat picture below. We’ve also added a few new prize games where you can win it big!


If you’re instead an “adult” who doesn’t want to hang out in the arcade you can opt to check out our amazing new Sports Bar! We remodeled the whole thing from top to bottom with all kinds of new bells and whistles, the best of which is the beautiful new white stone bartop! Or maybe it’s the 86 inch TVs we put up… or maybe the absolutely massive projector? Maybe you guys should decide which part is better. Just come tell us in person! Preferably come on an NFL game day as we’ve got some great deals on Tacos and Beer while also playing the Cowboys game on that huge projector we mentioned…

So you’re not big on restaurant food, you don’t want to play any arcade games, and you don’t enjoy sitting at the sports bar watching “sports-ball”. We still have you covered, as we’ve also had a team of experts working to repaint EVERYTHING in the building. That’s barely even an exaggeration, we’ve actually had just about everywhere repainted in the building to brighten the place up a bit! Near the bowling lanes, ceilings, near The Backyard, pretty much everywhere got a spiffy new coat of fresh paint. We’re doing our absolute best to make sure our complex looks as good as possible, but the only one who can judge it is you! So if you want to see how our new remodel went, feel free to stop by any time after September 17th at 5 PM! Or, as we mentioned a bit earlier, stop by on an NFL game day to get some discounted food and beer while you check things out!