PS5’s in the Stacker Machine!

Video games!

Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about video games. Now, you may have heard of last year’s new hot item, the Playstation 5. Even if you’re not a gamer you’ve probably heard about it since it’s kind of a big deal. And when something this big is around, it’s bound to have some supply and demand issues… Well, we’re here to fix your supply issue!

While still on the topic of video games,

let’s talk about one you’ve seen in our arcade… Stacker! Stacker is an infamous arcade machine that no arcade is complete without! Stacker is a simple game with one button and one goal: stack the blocks all the way up to the minor or major prize lines! Sounds pretty easy, but it’s a LOT harder than we made it sound! Stacker is notorious for being “that one game no one ever wins”, but if you check out our socials you’ll see that’s not true at Shenaniganz! We’ve had quite a few winners in the past few months, and the grand prize has always been a PlayStation 5!

Like we said,

check our socials for pictures of our PS5 winners, but for anyone unaware, we’re going to talk about the newest model in the PlayStation line! You’ve probably heard of the PlayStation (since it’s been around for over 25 years!) but maybe you haven’t seen the beauty of the PS5, Sony’s newest model that came out in 2020! Starting with the aesthetics, the PS5 has a sleek, white design that sits beautifully upright next to your TV, or on its side for a more discreet look. Along with this beautiful white and black design the PS5 promises to pack the heaviest tech on the market, boasting a strong enough set of hardware to match those who play on computer hardware! The only twist to that is very exciting, however; with the power of a solid-state drive and advanced developer techniques, the PS5 promises little to no load times when playing games! That means more time playing and less time sitting through loading screens (we’re looking at you, Skyrim!)! With all that in mind, let’s talk about some of the games you’ll be able to get your hands on after winning our stacker machine!

Game of the Year.

That’s a big title to hold in the gaming industry, but the PlayStation knows it all too well! 2020 winner? PlayStation’s exclusive The Last of Us Part II. 2018 winner? God of War, a PlayStation exclusive game that shook up the formula of the previous games in the series! Any of the past 5 game of the year games besides that? All playable on PlayStation as well! You’ve got a lot of potential if you manage to snag one of these consoles! We’d also like to look forward a bit at some upcoming games you’ll be able to play soon… You may have already seen Demon’s Souls, a launch title for the PS5. Well, if you like it or any of the Souls games, you’re in for a big treat when Elden Ring release for your brand new PS5 in February! Or maybe you’re a fan of cars and can’t wait for Gran Turismo 7? Maybe you like story-based games and a strong female lead? Horizon Forbidden West has you covered there.

What we’re trying to say with this whole blog is simple, but we’ll sum it up here: come play our Stacker machine, win a PS5 as the grand prize, and take it home to enjoy endless hours of fun with your friends and family! Check out these pictures of some of our awesome winners!

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