Safe Trick or Treating this Halloween!

Are you tired of looking for a safe Halloween alternative to Trick or Treating near you? Then boy do we have a place for you to go!


We usually leave those title lines open-ended, but the answer is always Shenaniganz, isn’t it? Today is no different! We’re here to talk about our annual $2 Trick or Treat Party that helps support the Boys and Girls Club of North East Texas! To help explain to you what’s so great about this amazing celebration, we’ve broken it down into 3 main points of why you should join us on Halloween night!

If you’re looking for some fun and safe Halloween events near you, then look here at our top 3 reasons why you should stop by on October 31st:

Number 1: Our $2 Trick or Treat Party is a safe alternative to regular Trick or Treating!

Number 2: You save money and have a super fun time hanging out with your friends and family at Shenaniganz!

Number 3: The Boys and Girls Club of North East Texas gets 50% from each attraction for the whole night! That means you’re benefiting both your kids and kids in need!


With all this in mind, let’s get some details settled! Starting with number 1, our $2 Trick or Treat Party is a very safe alternative to regular Trick or Treating! Instead of having your kids dressed up and walking around in the dark to the doors of strangers, why not just bring them to Shenaniganz where they can hang out in a well-lit, safe environment! On top of that, we’ve got plenty of refreshments over at Rozie’s so that anyone who gets hungry or thirsty while playing can refuel back to full with some Halloween appetizers!

Moving on to number 2, we mentioned that you (the parents, that is) get to save money while hanging out with friends and family. Sounds perfect, right? That’s what we were going for with this deal. This Trick or Treat Party is about 5 dollars and some change per person and allows you to get a lot of our attractions for just $2! Trying to go Bowling? Maybe send the kids to the spooooooky Kid Zone? We’ve got you covered! You’re saving a whole wallet full of cash while your kids get to have an awesome, safe time with their friends! Also, we have a bar, which I’m pretty sure isn’t something you get with normal Trick or Treating…

Finally, we’re using this party to help support the Boys and Girls Club of North East Texas! They’re our official charity, so by hanging out with us you’re supporting them as well! For every $2 you spend on our $2 attractions, we’ll give $1 to the Boys and Girls Club, so bring your kids, friends, your kids’ friends, and your friends’ kids! Every bit of fun they have goes towards helping a less fortunate child have fun as well, and that’s what holidays are all about! And the candy. We absolutely love the candy. Don’t forget to pick some up in the Arcade prize zone while you’re here, it is Halloween after all. Oh, and one more thing! Check out Axe Throwing and the Escape Rooms while you’re here, they’ll be discounted too!