Shenaniganz: We’re just as fun as the State Fair!

Who needs the State Fair when you have Shenaniganz in your hometown?

We may not have a 55-foot tall man to say “Howdy Folks!” when you walk in the door, but we do have an employee pushing 6’ 8” that has a little bit of an accent! Now, exceptionally tall people aside, we feel it’s important that everyone knows that Shenaniganz really isn’t all that different from the Texas State Fair. When you think about the State Fair of Texas your first thought is probably those award-winning Deep Fried Seafood Gumbo Balls, or Fletchers Corn Dogs, turkey legs, midway games, live entertainment, and more! Well, what if we told you Shenaniganz has all those things to offer and more? What if we said that a trip to our building can be just as fun as a trip to the state fair, except we’re open all year ‘round! Except for Christmas, we like to enjoy a little bit of a break once a year…


So it’s late September…

and you’re wanting to go to the State Fair of Texas like you do every year. Now that’s great, and we’re not trying to stop you from going, but wait a moment and think about it for a moment. The fair is a fun time, but why not have that much fun the other 10 months out of the year? We don’t want to take Fair Day away from you, so here’s what our proposition is: Go enjoy the fair, then take a day with the family to enjoy Shenaniganz. We have all kinds of stuff a true Texan like yourself can admire, just like the fair does! We mentioned all that amazing food earlier, and it’s for a good reason: The food we have at Rozie’s Grill is a fantastic substitute for the amazing food from the State Fair! Those turkey legs? We got ‘em. Fried Double Stuf Oreos? We’ll have them ready for dessert. A pizza with nothing but cilantro and pineapple on it? We’ll make it, but we might question your eating habits. What we’re trying to say is that if food is the focus of Fair Day for you, we’ve got you covered.


Now if food isn’t as important to you, we’ve got those midway games and more in store for you as well! With our recent remodel we’ve taken extra care of our Arcade, making sure everything is up and running while also adding in some new machines! Trying to play some classics like Skee Ball and Stacker? We wouldn’t be an arcade/bowling alley/everything else without them! Or maybe you’re looking to try something new, like King Kong in Virtual Reality? We’ve got tons of new stuff like that as well! And as far as midway games go, we’ve got the more fun, active side covered as well. With Tomahawks Axe Throwing built into our Backyard area, you can throw axes for hours on end with your friends and family! It’s like all the fun of the state fair, but we’re here to stay all year! Oh, and we forgot to mention the live entertainment. We have that a few Saturdays a month if you’re interested in anything from concerts to comedy shows!


So what are you waiting for? The State Fair is fun, but you can have just as much fun any time of the year at Shenaniganz!