The 12 Days of Xmas with Shenaniganz!

On the first day of Christmas Shenaniganz gave to me…

A surprise! Well, 12 surprises, actually. Starting on December 13th you’ll get all kinds of free stuff each day until Christmas! If you’re looking for a sneak peek as to what you’ll get, just keep on reading and you’ll probably run into a few spoilers (that’s a hint that you should keep reading)!

We’ll set the scene for you. It’s finally December, also known as “the holidays”. You’re looking for something fun to do this weekend with the family, and you’ve decided you need somewhere that can do it all, because your family has all different interests. You’ve been to a few places, but what’s this? An email from Shenaniganz about day one of twelve days of Christmas? Well, that sounds like the perfect place to go now that you’ve got some free stuff for the family! But wait, the fine print on the email says… There’s going to be 11 more deals after the 13th? That just about sums up how our 12 days of Christmas deal is going down!

But how do I sign up for something so awesome?

You’re always so good about asking questions! Well, while you’re looking for a way to spend the holidays with the family, keep an eye out for our posters and posts online! You’ll notice that we have a special promotion going where texting “HOLIDAY” to 20646 gets you in on the 12 days of cheer! With such a simple process, it should be easy to get some of this great, free stuff!

Ok, but what do I gain from joining this 12 Days of Xmas party?

Well, we can’t tell you EVERYTHING, but we can talk about a few things! As we said, the 12 Days of Xmas is free stuff for the holidays! Now what that free stuff is has to remain a secret, but you can probably guess what a few things are! For example, you’re coming to Shenaniganz, a place that has bowling and axe throwing. So if we were to give out some free stuff, what do you think it would be? Or better yet, maybe you like to eat at Rozie’s, a restaurant that has plenty of different foods to be given out… Just a thought to keep in mind!

Now free stuff is cool, but isn’t it more fun to share it?

Of course, it is! That’s why we’re going to let you in on a little secret… For some of these free day’s you’ll be getting not one, but TWO free coupons, that way you and a friend can enjoy all kinds of stuff we have to offer! It’s like a buy one get one free deal, except you don’t have to buy anything! So if you have a friend looking to ride the Flip N’ Spin Cars, or maybe someone looking to get into an Escape Room, be sure to text “HOLIDAY” to 20646 and claim your 12 days of free stuff! Even better, why don’t you tell all your friends to text “HOLIDAY” to 20646, then everyone can come in together and enjoy free stuff! It’s a fun holiday break at the affordable price of free! Don’t wait too long, you only have this opportunity once a year!