The No Nuts Comedy Tour on 10/2!

Comedy Night is back again, and it’s more adult than ever!


Your voices have been heard! We saw how much everyone LOVED our last comedy night with Dean Lewis so get ready for another fun night of laughs as we welcome the No Nuts Comedy Tour to our newly renovated stage! Be sure to show up on October 2nd to this 18+ ONLY, R-rated comedy show filled with laughs and adult humor!





Now you may be wondering… What’s the No Nuts Comedy Tour? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like! The No Nuts Comedy Tour is a comedy show that’s hitting 50 cities on their way around the United States, but with one little twist: It’s called No Nuts because it’s a group of all-female comedians! This R-Rated, 18+ ONLY show will be an hour and a half of laughs from an all-female cast of very unique and hilarious characters!


More about the Comedians


Sarah Martin

Sarah doesn’t care about being some “classy broad”, she’s from Boston. When she’s not stealing cable from the neighbors, she has been building a name for herself with her playful and refreshing candor. Sarah is the co-creator and co-star in “Code Green”, a web series about a psychiatric hospital. Sarah has also been on Sirius XM, featured on Twitch, LadySpike, and many festivals throughout the country such as the Women in Comedy Festival presented by HBO, NBC, and Showtime.


Jess Miller

Using her own life as her bedrock, Jess has built an act that shows the humor of every aspect of life – something very few young comics have mastered. Jess’s fresh and friendly presence on stage makes her appealing to audience members from every walk of life. Using her quick wit, Jess is able to connect with the crowd effortlessly, and her brand of comedy is a brilliant and fluid creation unto itself that never fails to fill the seats wherever she appears. Jess is a veteran of the US Army, enjoys playing with her dog Thumper, and taking long walks on the beach with her partner.


Kim Wadsworth

Kim is a proud mother who is always on the go. Suffering from ‘day-job-funk-ta-vitus’, Kim likes to explore the world in search of new comedy to use in her routine. This search has led her around the world, visiting everywhere from Canada to Japan, including 35 of the US States. Kim has studied comedy at Dallas Comedy House, and has learned from great mentors like Jerry Corley and Dean Lewis, a previous comic that has been to Shenaniganz! Kim is also a US Air Force Veteran with a long list of festival performances.


As always, be sure to show up early and stop by our newly renovated Rozie’s Grill to make sure your belly isn’t growling during the show. If you’ve got any “under 18’s” we’ve got plenty for them to do while you watch the show, from Axe Throwing to Bowling we’ll keep them occupied while you get a few laughs in! If you’re looking to make it a fun date night, we also have Escape Rooms available right before the show as well! We can’t wait to see the turnout for this performance! We would say it’s going to be nuts, but…