Unlimited Fun this Fall at Shenaniganz!

Ready for the most fun Thanksgiving Break ever?

We thought you might be. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got the deal of the year ready for you! Come by from November 22nd through the 26th and enjoy unlimited fun all week! Want some more details? Check out everything we have to offer right here!

How is this deal worth it?

Easy answer: you get unlimited play for one low price. Even better, if you’re among the first 50 people in the first hour every day you’ll get $10 off! All the cash you’re going to save aside, this unlimited plan gives you access to all kinds of awesome attractions! If you’re a big fan of Bowling and the Arcade then this deal is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Plus, if you’ve got little ones, the Kid Zone is another part of the unlimited passes!

Do I just get access to bowling and the arcade? That doesn’t sound very unlimited…

Of course, there’s more, if there wasn’t it would be called the “limited pass”, which isn’t nearly as much fun. Now, we’re pretty well known for our Axe Throwing and Escape Rooms, so of course, they’re going to play a part here! With this unlimited pass, you’ll get 50% off both Axe Throwing and our Escapology Escape Rooms!

That’s cool, but I’ll probably be hungry with all this fun…

We’re glad you asked that one on your own! You’re going to be in Shenaniganz, we’re basically synonymous with “5-star restaurant”. We’ve got our amazing in-house restaurant known as Rozie’s Grill! There are all kinds of good stuff for the whole family to enjoy, so make sure you check our menu before you join us! We’ve got burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and more! Oh, and don’t be afraid to order it to go. Our mozzarella sticks are still good in the microwave at home!

Alright, you’ve convinced me. Give me the details while I find my wallet.

This part should be pretty easy to remember, especially if you have kids! We’re running this special from November 22nd to November 26th at our Rockwall and Greenville locations! The prices vary a little bit, but our Rockwall location is having that doorbuster special we mentioned earlier! If you’re among the first 50 people to show up within the first hour of each day, you’ll get a HUGE discount on the original price. And an even better part? For those of you who haven’t noticed yet, this special is happening during fall break for every school in the area! That means you’ll be able to bring the whole family in to have an unlimited funtastic time with our crew! It’ll save you from that awkward conversation at the dinner table because you came to Shenaniganz without your kids. Again.

Well, we hope that all made sense! We’re always excited about the holidays, and you should be too! If we’re excited, that means we’re going to be dishing out all kinds of deals and savings so your family gets to have more fun for less cash! Who doesn’t love more fun at a discount?