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There's no better place for students & teens to cut loose.
( We take care of the chaperones too)

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Of course there’s tons of fun to be had for. But we’re experts at handling busloads of high-energy kids and teens, which makes things easy for planners and chaperones.


  1. Call or meet with one of our Event Planners.
  2. Select the customized option from our special youth packages that’s best for your event.
  3. Reserve the time and date you want.
  4. Show up with your stampeding herd for good times, good food, and let us do the work.

Call 972-722-3173 today or fill out the form below to start planning the easiest, best youth event you’ve ever had.

Positive Vibes

Love, love, love this place! Great place for the kids and fun for adults too!
Stephy W, Google Local Guide
What separates this place from others is the excellent food and superior service.
Adam B, Google Local Guide

Start Planning your Party or Event Today

Let’s get things rolling with your upcoming event.  Select your location, then fill out the form below, and give us all the details you can.  Our event planning experts will get in touch with you ASAP to get you all set.

Looking for a place to host your next field trip, lock-in, or other youth group party or event? Shenaniganz makes it easy! Shenaniganz takes care of everything, and there’s no shortage of fun to be had: two-story laser tag, XD Dark Ride, bowling, escape rooms, virtual reality, axe throwing, an arcade, plus great food, all in one place under one roof.  Life’s easier when there’s no need to drive from place to place and you don’t have to worry about a freak Texas thunderstorm or boiling hot weather ruining your event.

“But what about the chaperones and adults?”  Great question – Shenaniganz always takes care of you, too!  Most packages include complimentary food, beverage & attractions for chaperones.  We know where our bread is buttered and do everything we can to make your life easier!

Kids, teens, and in-betweens always have a great time at Shenaniganz – and adults can have a blast, too! No matter the size of your youth group event, we’ve got tons of space to spread out and play. Book your next youth group event at Shenaniganz today!