5 Great Date Night Ideas

5 Romantic Date Night Ideas

Love is in the air! We have 5 Romantic Date Ideas that are sure to sweeten your Valentine’s day! February is the month of love, which means finding last minute  things to do with your new boo thang can be tricky! Shenaniganz is here to help! With over a dozen attractions and promotions, you can have a night filled with fun without breaking the bank! Let’s dive into the romantic feels!


1. Bowling Date

Maybe it seems outdated, or a little lame, but a bowling date is as classic as dinner and a movie. At Shenaniganz you can choose from two different bowling experiences, order off our delicious menu, and order some imaginable drinks from Rozie’s Grill. If you’re looking for that classic bowling experience, reserve a lane on our main lanes, between our projectors showing fun music videos or the big game and attentive lane-side servers you won’t strike-out. If you’re looking for a classic date night experience that’s a little more elevated then we implore you to reserve a lane in our Z-Lounge, you’ll enjoy plush couches, a luxurious atmosphere, attentive lane-side servers, ginormous projectors, and of course each other’s company.

2. Escapology Escape Room Date

Now hear us out before you decide to skip this one. We know you’re probably thinking “why would I want to lock me and my date in a room together for 6o minutes” and quite honestly, we can’t think of a reason not to! Here’s what you can expect on your Escapology Escape Room date. First, grab some drinks (if you’re 21+), it’s scientifically proven that alcohol makes escape rooms more fun (according to our Shenani-Scientists), then hang out in our immaculately themed lobby where you can play trivia & brain teasers to learn more about each other and warm those noggins up, next up is game time, where you’ll get to experience first hand how you two work together as a team. While you’re exploring our game rooms and working together you’ll enjoy many laughs, high-fives from solving puzzles, and celebrations when you win! Releasing tons of endorphins and oxytocin bringing you and your date closer together – again science.


3. Axe Throwing Date

Okay, so the classic Bowling date isn’t up your alley (😉) and an Escape Room sounds a little intimidating. Well, have no fear, for Axe Throwing is here to hack away all insecurities. Axe throwing is the best thing you’ve never tried and at Shenaniganz our premium Axe Throwing experience will spoil you and your date. If you’re looking for the best competitive date idea, this is it. You can go toe to toe – or axe to axe- and compete in fun games that our Axe-pert will lead you through, or you can just enjoy seeing who can get the most bullseyes. With food & drinks from Rozie’s, you’ll have a well-rounded date night all lined up.


4. Karaoke Date

What’s your flavor? Old school Hip Hop? Country? Pop? No matter what genre of music you’re into Karaoke on Thursday Night’s will be sure to have you primed and pumped to serenade, embarrass yourself (in a good way), or show your date how adventurous you are. Between sets, you can grab a drink or something to eat at our Martini Cocktail Lounge and learn more about each other in that classic “bar date” fashion. Our expert bartenders will be able to fashion any drink you and your date prefer even if all you know is that you want something “kinda fruity and sweet but not too strong” whatever that means.


5. Play It By Ear

No stressing, planning, or issues! At Shenaniganz you don’t need reservations to have a good time. Walk-in and explore our Arcade, grab a bite to eat at Rozie’s Bar & Grill, Bowl, Escape, Throw Axes, Bump & Flip each other head over heels in our Flip N’ Spin Bumper Cars, blast each other away at Laser Tag, explore new worlds in Virtual Reality, or enjoy each others company in our Backyard area. No matter what you choose, Shenaniganz is the perfect date spot for exciting, unpredictable fun.


Bonus Date!

Are you an introvert? Does a fast-paced date night give you the spins? No need to worry! Shenaniganz provides Comedy, Music, and Magic shows all in one place so that you and your date can sit back and have fun without worrying about the unpredictability of a wild night on the town! Comedy shows will break the ice and help you pinpoint your new date’s sense of humor! Live music events give you the opportunity to enjoy art in action as you sprinkle in bits of flirtatious conversation! Magic shows will cast a love spell between you and that special someone! Visit our Events Page and see what entertainment we have planned for your next date!